Who are we?

Cognase Labs is an innovation group focused on development of promising technological and business ideas currently in the fields of web services and applications, biotechnology and health/nutrition. We also provide investment and policy related services in the same fields.

Local Cooperation Made Easy

We just launched a new web application called "SplitStuff" that should help people harness the power of local communities. It empowers them to cooperatively reduce expenses and effort on local projects and purchase of durable goods, non-durable goods and services. It is a very cool synthesis of well-documented traditional neighborhood techniques and powerful new collaborative social and semantic technologies.

The technical description is:

"SplitStuff is a geo-mashup application facilitating the formation of local ad hoc micro-cooperatives by people and businesses seeking to reduce expenses and effort through bulk purchasing, fractional ownership, local community cooperation and collective buying power."

Visit it at http://splitstuff.com and let us know what you think.