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Cognase Labs is an innovation group focused on development of promising technological and business ideas currently in the fields of web services and applications, biotechnology and health/nutrition. We also provide investment and policy related services in the same fields.

Famous Jews just got more Friendly

We just published the new version of Famous Jews by Heebz. We took the old static site and gave it a bit of database-backed functionality using Ruby on Rails. It now ranks #1 on Google for "Famous Jews".

Technology Highlights:

  • fuzzy autocomplete "search" box - uses n-grams and is very fast.
  • jquery and blueprint "frameworks"
  • list sort with cookie storage and re-sort
  • restful_authentication and rspec
  • served by Phusion Passenger (mod_rails)
  • mod_rewrite (yes, it works fine with Passenger) and RewriteMap to 301 redirect users and bots to the new friendly URLs
  • staging and production environments are on the same Linux VPS, deployed by Capistrano
  • Development using the Netbeans IDE

Future Plans:

  • better design and logo
  • public list sort "voting" via ajax (we already wrote the sort algorithms)
  • upgrade authorization system from role_requirement (for admins, etc.)
  • forum and wikis per category and name
  • photo/video pulling system
  • Paypal API integration for subscriptions
  • tagging system to replace(?) categories
  • spiders to find additional data
  • Facebook App(s)

Any suggestions or requests?


freemich said...

Great usability and innovative functions, it puts my “Famous Kurds” site to shame. Would you consider retailing the platform?

If yes, please contact me on:
freemich (at) msn (dot) com

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